Control pass to Universal Bot

Hi All,

I have created universal bot with 5 link bot(HR Bot, IT Bot ). I have default buttons(HR, IT) for created in universal bot. Now when user done with the conversation bot will ask then confirmation about would you like to continue ? with Yes / No buttons. What I want is when User clicks on Yes control should pass to Universal bot and show message with default buttons (HR , IT). If user click on No then it still goes to Universal bot and display Message “Thanks for being with us, Have Nice day !” How can I achieve this feature


Hi @parag.vijay.nikhal,

Please let us know if you have tried configuring the “EndOfConversation event” in the Universal bot.

Please refer

Kindly let us know if you need any further clarification.

Yoga Ramya

Hi @yogaramya.mendu

Yes, I have tried “end of conversations” event in Universal bot. As mentioned in question I am looking for 2 different conversation that should happen based on users selection on Yes or No in Linked bot. Currently in Universal Bot, default task, I have mentioned buttons template task like HR, IT & Finance[Parent Menu]. Consider User select HR and navigate to HR bot once the conversation completed HR bot Asked confirmation would you like to continue with Yes & No button. Now based on user selection in on “Yes” bot should display Parent Menu from universal bot which is possible with End of conversation Event. on “NO” would like to show message “Thanks for interacting have nice day” complete conversation should end [ it should not show parent menu again]. How can I achieve this scenario in Universal bot concept ?