Context Object History Enablement


From Kore documentation I found the context.history to get the an array of objects defining the sequential and historical node path executed in the dialog flow. I tried to implement this but get empty array. Why this is happening and how to enable this? I do know this is the same feature with conversation flow, but I need this for BE data storing and analytics.



Hi @muhammad.rosal,

We are able to replicate the issue.
context.history is printed as an empty array when we try to print it in a message node.

We will check this with our development team and will let you know.

Yoga Ramya.

Hi Yoga Ramya,

Thanks for the reply. please update us on this because this is very important for us.


Hi @muhammad.rosal,

We have discussed this with our development team.
This needs further investigation, hence, we have created a support ticket on it.
You should be receiving an email with the support ticket number.

We will update this post once we have a conclusion on the issue, until then you will receive updates through the created support ticket.

Yoga Ramya