context object for identifying entity value across different tasks

  1.  context.intent.<<intent name>> given in the below document not working .

  1. Scenario: I have two task named “welcome” and “default” , if OnConnect is “welcom” and whatever input the user will give to the bot after that will go in one of the entity of “welcome” task so that it will move to “default” task and there i want to print the first value given to the bot(entity of welcome task)
    So how can i extract the value of one entity in first task to another task?
    for same task context.entities.<> can be used but what to do for different tasks of the same bot.


Since your requirement is to display the user entered input- capture in an entity for one task in another, you should use entity syntax and not intent.

Few things to verify:

  • Task1 (Welcome) entity transition is set to the dialog task.



  • There is another entity in Task2(default) which we will configure to save the user input.

  • Pre-Assignment condition is defined as per the requirement.

Test with this configuration and you should be able to achieve the required scenario.