Content Management via Spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheet)

Hi Team - We have a requirement where the main dialog flow is simple, yet the final bot response is always changing. We were thinking of implementing a spreadsheet-like solution, such that ColumnA contains the Option-List, ColumnB contains the Category-List, and then the ColumnC the value, say a URL.

Basically, the bot will ask user for (1) Option, which bot will display the Option-List, then bot will ask for (2) Category, which again bot will display the Category-List. Depending on the selected (1) and (2), a URL value will be provided. The maintenance of the options/category available plus the possible changing URL value should be easily managed without the need for an API, nor publishing the bot for any content changes.

Is this possible? Kindly advise for a best solution/approach.


Hello @sheela.dimayuga,

Welcome back !!!

In your usecase, we understand that there will be 2 pieces of information required from end users option and category.

Using entity types: List of Values (enumerated) if the list is limited or fixed and List of Values (lookup) for larger data input can be achieved.

The dependency of Column C (URL) on both other entities will determine how to approach the next step.

If we have a base URL with Column A and B as values within the URL, we can display to the user an updated URL.

However, if the requirement is to use the data to pull a certain value from an existing Excel or Google Sheet, then it will be complex. For this use case, we can upload the Excel onto Botkit Server and use node.js functions to query the data from the sheets.

Find a sample code snippet here

NOTE: Kore does not endorse any third party code and it should be taken as a simple example and expanded upon for the requirement.

Get back to us if you have any questions.