Connection to End of Dialog or Intent not Woking for Confirmation Node

Hello team!
When setting-up a confirmation node “Do you want to continue?” with yes / no answers, I chose “End of Dialog” as connection for the “Else if no” path. When testing the bot and answering with “no” for this particular confirmation, the bot will reply with the default fallback response: “I don’t know what you want me to do.” The same behaviour happens when trying to connect the confirmation node to another Intent. It doesn’t really matter which path ( Yes, No) is connected. Connection to Message node or to Form node seems to work fine though.


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Hi @andra.iacovici,

We have analyzed the scenario, please find our observations below,

  • When we have a confirmation node configured with a transition of “End of the dialog” for its options “Yes”/“No”, then the “Yes”/“No” are considered as “small talk”.
    Hence, when we click/say “Yes”/“No”, for whichever option, we have configured the transition as “End of the dialog”, that word is considered to be Smalltalk and the bot is not triggering the “end of dialog” event for it.

We have discussed this with our development and team.
We will update you once the behaviour is fixed.

Yoga Ramya

This issue should be resolved now. Please check and confirm from your end.
cc: @yogaramya.mendu