Connection Node - Condition flow is not working

Hi Kore AI Team,

Could you please help me with the below connection node contain,

I have collected the phone number from the user using (Entity Node) - CustomerRegisterPhone
[Note: Authentication Datatable is created with column name registered_phonenumber and added a dummy Phone number in the datatable. Also, Checked whether value is added into the datatable using get service]

Column Created - registered_phonenumber (number)

Condition Validated:
(Entity) CustomerRegisterPhone Equals To {{context.UsersAuthCheck.response.body.queryResult[0].registered_phonenumber}}

UserAuthCheck - Bot Action (Name)
UsersAuthCheck - Services (Name)
Service Type - Data Service
Type - Table ]

Thanks in advance,
Jayavignesh G

Kindly Replyto the above mentioned Question

Hi Jay,

Apologies for the delay in response.
We are checking the details/ screenshots shared here and will revert back with an update on this.

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Srujan Madderla Community Team