Composite Entity Not Identifying Second Number

I’m trying to have a composite entity to pick up an address for a user (I can’t use the reg. address entity type) and for some reason it only picks up the first 2 entites in the pattern and not the third one.

Example address: “1 Taitch Court Unit 502”

I have 3 Sub Entities:

  • Street Number (Type: Number)
  • Street Name (Type: List, with a list of all the possible street names and their synonyms)
  • Unit Number (Type: Number)

When setting the Composite pattern to “@StreetNumberEntity @StreetNameEntity” It works perfect and when a user types the above I get:

Entity Value identified. Value identified as: {"StreetNumberEntity": 9, "StreetNameEntity": "Taitch"}

But when adding “@UnitNumberEntity” at the end of the pattern it is not working and nothing is being identified


Hello @moishe :smiley:,

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For composite entity there are some limitations such as-

  • The Sub-entity with Description cannot be part of a composite entity.
  • Make sure that the sub-entities are not part of the dialog flow in the task using the composite entity.
  • If the sub-entity allows multi-items, the parent composite entity accepts only one value for the sub-entity and not a list.

Please confirm if the Unit number entity is detached from the dialog as required.

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Thanks for the reply.

  • The UnitNumberEntity is not of type Description, it is a Number
  • The Sub Entities are not connected to anything or to each other
  • All Sub entities are Single Item and Multi-Item is disabled

Please see attached screenshot of my setup in the Builder

Please advise - Thanks

Ended up changing the third entity to a List entity with all the possible Unit Numbers and it now works like a breeze!

Thanks @sameera.tumuluri for the workaround

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