Common sporadic issues observed during scheduled maintenance of platform and products

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This article is for guiding the users on the common sporadic issues that one may face during scheduled maintenance of the XO Platform and other products. At we always try to ensure zero downtime for any patch or release. However, at times due to unforeseen reasons, there may be sporadic issues observed.


We recommend the users (developers or admins) to avoid performing the below activities (this may not be an exclusive list) on Virtual Assistants (commonly called VAs or bots) during the maintenance schedule.

Note - Please subscribe to to get notified of any scheduled maintenance. Just for your information, all the major Platform/product-wide outages (partial/full) for all the regions (US, London, Frankfurt, Japan, Sydney, etc.) are reported on the status page too.

  1. VA creation
  2. Publishing the VA or flow
  3. Initiating training of the VA
  4. Utterance testing or executing batch tests
  5. Importing/Exporting the VA
  6. External continuous integration or continuous development (CI/CD) of VAs through any third party (like Jenkins)
  7. Collaborating and editing dialogs/ Editing or adding VA ML/Pattern training/ VA settings/ NLP settings/ Knowledge Graphs
  8. Operations on the Admin Console

Common (all products) sporadic issues the bot developers or admins may face

The scheduled maintenance is usually pre-informed (unless emergency maintenance) and is done during low-traffic times for customers. Although unlikely, sporadic issues may be encountered for 10-15 minutes. We advise the users not to try any operation that fails continuously. The users can re-try after 10-15 minutes.

  1. Unable to load dashboards/analytics
  2. 502 or 504 Gateway errors
  3. Issues with publishing the VA
  4. Failure to import/export the VAs
  5. Black/white screen or screen not loading
  6. Public APIs (like conversation history, session details, etc.) failing
  7. Changes in VA not saving
  8. VA not responding
  9. VA responding with Server call failure messages
  10. Call drops or disconnections
  11. Static noise or disturbance in calls
  12. Intent discovery failing
  13. Search, crawl, application failing for SearchAssist

Issues specific to AgentAssist

  1. Active agent conversation may appear stuck. If you reload the page, it should usually resume normalcy. You may have to hard re-load the browser or clear the cache at times.
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