chatbot not loading history

(Jay) #1


I have set the loadHistory: true but still dont see the history loaded. Can you please inform what might be wrong here ?

const chatConfig={
allowIframe: false,
isSendButton: false,
isTTSEnabled: false,
isSpeechEnabled: false,
allowGoogleSpeech: false,
allowLocation: false,
loadHistory: true,
messageHistoryLimit: 10,
autoEnableSpeechAndTTS: false,
graphLib: “d3”

function openChatWindow(botOptions){
var fname = ‘’;
var email = ‘’;

if (chatBot == null) {
	chatBot = koreBotChat();
token = botOptions.assertion;
botEmail = botOptions.botEmail;
botOptions.botInfo = {name: botOptions.botName, "_id": botOptions.botId, 
		customData:{wssHost:botOptions.wssHost, userName:fname, userEmail:email}};
botOptions.recorderWorkerPath = './libs/recorderWorker.js';
botOptions.assertionFn = assertion;
botOptions.userIdentity = ssoId;
botOptions.koreAnonymousFn = koreAnonymousFn;
chatConfig.botOptions = botOptions;;


(Jay) #2

Hello @Subrahmanyam, @swagata.sengupta

Would appreciate any help in above issue.


(Sameera Tumuluri) #3

Hello Jay,

There are a couple of changes I see in the code. Kindly review the below community post and let us know if that helps.