Chat Agent Configuration in SalesForce

Hell Everyone,

I am in the process of creating a chat agent in SalesForce for live agent transfer.

I am not able to find the option “Chat Agent Configuration” while typing Chat in the quick find.

I am using free trial of SalesForce. Could you please guide how can I get that option.

Dear Prosenjit,

To configure the Agent Transfer, I believe our documentation would help you with appropriate steps. Hence, requesting you to please follow the link below on how to configure agent transfer.

Please let us know if this helps.

Thanks & regards, Support

Hi @prosenjit.saha,

Adding to the above response by Venkatraman, the live agent transfer platform used in the documentation is and the steps >> flow of the implementation is given as per the agent platform. However, rest of the botKit and agent transfer information referring bot builder is the same.

We would need the license number from any live chat platform to configure the botKit code.

Please find the following salesforce support documentation to help you further.

Yoga Ramya

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