Change time zone in bot response

Hi ,

Is there any options to change the time zone in the bot response.
In the below image bydefault it is showing GMT zone but i want to the response to be in EST zone.

Please try to use koreUtil moment libraries

Hi @swagata.sengupta,

We want to change the time zone for that specific default message coming from the alert task. Not able to find where that default message is configured in alert task.

Could you please help on this.

As of now, there is an open issue that the alert task message can nither be tapped in bot kit on_alert nor in on_bot_message events. But did you try to use the JS editor of alert task to configure the response as per your needs? You should be able to use here.


yes I have tried JS editor and able to modify my responses. But I want to change this specific default message , when the alert is triggered its coming along with the response every time.

In the given snapshot below the link is my alert task response and the above message is coming automatically from the bot each and every time when the alert is triggered.(Not sure from where it is coming)


Could you please help on this.


Hello @gz291995,

Please check out the following configuration :

This may be configured as part of the Advanced Settings. Change the configuration to disable the messaging.