Change the language of the default Phrases Digital Form


Is there a way to change the language of the Digital Form’s default phrases?
For example the text “Choose an Option”, “Search”.

Unfortunately, having selected the language of the Bot in Italian, they continue to appear in English.

Here are some example screens.


Thanks in advance.

Hello, is there anyone who can answer me? @swagata.sengupta
Thank you in advance

Which version are you using? On v9.3.3 I see this.


Does it help?

Hi @swagata.sengupta ,

Thank you for your answer.

We are currently using version 9.2.3.
I don’t see your same options.

I attach some screens.


Thank you

Is it possible for you to upgrade? This may have been fixed in later versions.

Hi @swagata.sengupta ,

Unfortunately the update is not up to me.
Are you able to check if it was really introduced with version 9.3.3?

Thank you so much

Hello @swagata.sengupta ,

I noticed that when the MULTI SELECT flag is activated the placeholder works, when the flag is deactivated the placeholder stops working. Could you control this behavior?

Thank you very much

On your update, I tested this with multi-select deselected. I do not see the issue still.

I am not sure which customer/project you are working for/with (You do not need to disclose it here in a public forum). Even if I assume that in 9.2.3 I cannot really tell if this got fixed in 9.3.3 itself. Since this works now, and this is a minor issue, it may not be feasible to invest more time into its analysis. In the future updates/upgrades it may be made available to even on premises.

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