Change speaking rate for voice bot


Is there a way to change the speaking rate of the xo bot in Smart Assist flow settings or IVR - Audio Codes channel settings? I would set the bot to be a bit faster than what it is by default.
For example speaking-rate:1.25
I am using Google TTS.

Please let me know,
Thank you!

Hi Marija

Thanks for reaching out to Community.

Please try using the prosody tags in the SSML text to customize the speech speed.

For Ex -

<prosody rate="x-fast">This is a faster rate of speech.</prosody>
  • “x-slow”: Extra slow
  • “slow”: Slow
  • “medium”: Normal (default)
  • “fast”: Fast
  • “x-fast”: Extra fast

Also, you may try using percentage in the prosody rate such as 50%, 200%, with 100% being the normal rate of speech.

Please try this and let us know.


Tried it in the message node with prosody rate and speaking rate but both did the same, there was no slower or sped up speech.

Hi Sridhar,

Do I do this in each of the Message nodes, entity nodes etc, individually?

Thank you!