Can we make collaborative efforts across the organizations in building the bots?

(Baba Farooq Basha Renumanu) #1

Is there ability to share bots with other developers?

(Madhu) #2

Yes, has an unique feature to allow the developers from various organizations to contribute efforts in building the bots. In order to make it happen, the Bot Enterprise Admin needs to register the required user email id’s into your organization by Enrolling them as users in your domain. Regarding the same, please go through the below set of instructions,

Step1: In the Bots Enterprise Admin Console, under the ENROLLMENT tab, you will find the Invite option. Please enter the required users email ids and click on Send Invitations. For details, go through the below link,

Once the users has been sent invitations, they will be receiving an activation email from Kore explaining particular domain Admin has invited them as users in his domain.

Step2: Under USER MANAGEMENT, in Users, search for the invited users and assign with the Bot Builder Access.

Now share the Bot Builder Tool, in respective Bot -> Settings -> INVITE DEVELOPER/MANAGE DEVELOPER ACESS ->Add then Search for the required users and add them as Co-Developers.

(Simon Fellows) #3

Hi everyone, this would be great, but i would find it difficult to open up my environment to others. IS there another way we can work together?

(Madhu) #4

Simon, can you be elaborate further.

You can collaborate and work on the same bot in your account.

If you do not want others to access bots in your account, you can export a copy and it can be created as a different bot. But this process will be cumbersome as it may involve import and export for all changes and version management at your end.