Can we make an entity accept exactly 3 statements as an input ?

(Jay) #1


We want to ask the user to input three items(like id, URL, issue description) and allow multi-item input for an entity. The user is supposed to input at least three things with hitting enter and want the bot to wait for user to at least enter three items.

Please inform how can we implement this.


(sadhvi chandra) #2

Hi @janak.jay ,

For the above scenario,
In entity node component properties, you can enable “multi-item” if you want the user to input multiple values.

  • If you want the user to select multiple items from the list given by the bot, you can use “list of items(enumerated)” as the entity type to display the options and the user can input values from the options only.

If you want the user to input custom multiple values, then select any relevant type for the entity .

NOTE: In this case, bot expects multiple values/items from the user to be given in a single statement separated by comma(,).

Alternatively, if you want to take the input(three things) by hitting enter, then it is suggested to configure three different entity nodes for three different values.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #3

@janak.jay Could you try composite entity instead as the entity types you mentioned seem to be different? Please add the composite patterns at the composite entity as needed.

Refer to below link for more details: