Can we get the name of the Facebook user at the time of initiating the chat?

(Yoga Ramya Mendu) #1

We would like to retrieve the user information at the time of initiating the chat.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

Hi @yogaramya.mendu,

Below is the information Facebook passes to the chatbot when user is communicating via fb messenger:

First Name, Last Name and PSID

PSID - When a person interacts with a business via Messenger, an ID is created for the specific Page associated with the bot in Messenger, which is called Page-scoped ID. This means, for the same person, the IDs across different communication channels are different. Keep in mind, app-scoped IDs are created when a user logs on with your app, so you won’t see app-scoped IDs for users that haven’t installed, and signed in with, your app.

Below is the data available under BotUserSession for user having fb linked as channel.

"identities": [


"profileInfo": {

"page": {

"location": {

"city": "Hyderabad",

"country": "India",

"latitude": 17.39488,

"longitude": 78.47077,

"street": "hyderabad"


"name": "Incremental spirit",

"category": "Performance Art Theatre"


"firstName": "Subrahmanyam",

"lastName": "Donepudi",

"profImage": "",

"profileInfoLastUpdated": 1533703647816


"val": "st-5c2e9efc-8c0a-58e6-9518-708f060dc42f/facebook/2294665313907440",

"type": "mapped"