Can we deploy Bot on to Office 365?

(Karthik N) #1

Hello Team,

I would like to know few things regarding Bot deployment.
Can we deploy Kore bot on to below platforms. If yes, please provide information.

  1. Salesforce
  2. SharePoint
  3. Microsoft Office 365/CRM Dynamics


(swathi vadlamani) #2

@karthik.nagulapally Not sure whether you are looking to integrate any of the API’s into Kore platform or you are looking to host bots on any of the web apps hosted on above platforms. Both are possible.

  1. You can host bots on any web application using our web sdk channel. Please refer the below articles for details:
    Web SDK Integration documentation is not proper
  2. If you want to get response to bots on actions performed in Salesforce or Sharepoint or MS dynamics, you can achieve it by using ServiceNode in Dialog task. Please refer for more details.


(Karthik N) #3

Thank you @swathi.vadlamani for the response.

I am actually looking to host the Bots. Since SharePoint, Salesforce and Office 365 are platforms, I think we couldn’t integrate the WebSDK. Please correct me if I am wrong here. If possible, then please provide me an example if possible.

Regarding integration of APIs, Yes, I am aware of it.


(swathi vadlamani) #4

@karthik.nagulapally Salesforce as a platform offers users to develop web apps and host on it. You can actually build webapps in whatever language you want, leveraging the APIs. Please refer
So if hosting web apps is possible, then you can integrate bots on to your web app using web sdk. And when this application is hosted on salesforce platform, you can very well have the bots published on it. Also I think web applications can be developed and hosted on Sharepoint and Microsoft dynamics as well. Please give it a try.


(Karthik N) #5

Thank you @swathi.vadlamani, I’ll give a try for sure.


(swathi vadlamani) #6

Awesome :+1: Great going!