Can´t configure Workplace by facebook channel - Error in enabling facebook suscriptions message


(Fabian Bernstein) #1

Hi, I can´t configure workplace by facebook channel integration. I get Error in enabling facebook suscriptions message. In workplace by facebook I have a custom integration properly configured Botbuilder / Adding workplace by facebook Channel - "Error in enabling facebook suscriptions"
(Srirama Yadlapalli) #2

Hi @fabian.bernstein Thanks for writing your concern to us! We are currently seeing multiple changes with Facebook channel due to enhanced security. And this is one of the reasons for seeing issues in Facebook page subscriptions. We are currently working on these issues on high priority and we will keep you posted once we fix them accordingly. We request your patience until we resolve this for you!

(Fabian Bernstein) #3

Thanks Srirama, I keep watching for resolution.

(Fabian Bernstein) #4

Hi @srirama.yadlapalli, do you have any need in workplace channel issue?

Best regards

(Srirama Yadlapalli) #5

We had a check with the Product Development team and they are currently working on the same. Also, this issue is occurring due to the changes in workplace. We are making our platform to be compatible with the changes. We will let you know further updates accordingly. Thank you!