Can I define roles and Entitlements within the platform

(Madhu) #1

Is there a way I can ensure only a few features within the product are available to a group of members?

(Santhosh Kumar Myadam) #2 Bots Platform provides built-in roles for managing access to Bot Builder and Bots Admin Console.

Bot Builder

  • Every user accessing Bot Builder is assigned to a Bot Owner role or a Bot Developer role
  • Bot Owner is typically the user who has initially created the bot, unless it was subsequently transferred to a different user
  • Bot Developers are all other developers who are invited to this bot by the Bot Owner
  • Only the Bot Owner will be able to add users to a bot and revoke access when needed
  • The Bot Owner can forfeit the ownership to other developers or the account owner can also opt to change the ‘Bot Owner’ for a bot from the ‘Bot Admin Console’

Bot Admin Console

  • User who has created / setup the account is assigned with Primary Admin role
  • Primary Admin user can add other users to the account from Bot Admin Console
  • Primary Admin role cannot be deleted, however, the role can be transferred to another Admin user
  • also provides an ability to create Custom Admin Roles and assign users to these custom roles
  • A custom role can be defined by setting any of the following Admin functions
    • Bot Management (Bot approval and deployment)
    • Manage Admin Roles (Manage admin roles)
    • User Enrollment (AdSync, Import/export or invite users),
    • Security Settings (SSO and Use of Connector)
    • User Management (Profile & Groups)
    • Analytics

Very soon, Bots Platform will start allowing Account Owners / Bot Owners to define the level of access to be provided to co-developers of the bot in Bot Builder. You may use one of the pre-built custom roles or create new custom roles by choosing appropriate access controls.

(Baba Farooq Basha Renumanu) #3


As on date, we do not have an option of ensuring only a set of specific features/options available to a group of members. However, the given feature request is already on the roadmap and probably will be taken up in the upcoming releases.

Nevertheless, We have access for Bot admin roles wherein we can define a Custom Role and assign the privileges specific to the Bot Admin Console.

The below link shall explain the same in detail,

Roles & Permissions --> Custom Roles --> Add New --> Permissions

Here we can Access and Revoke the privileges that are specific to Bot Admin Console. Attaching the screenshots

for more information, thank you.