Call Disconnect flow is not working


I configured Call Disconnect flow to call Google Cloud Function for posting data. It was working correctly until last week. But it is not working suddenly. The Cloud Function is never called. Is it related to the latest release patch over the weekend(3.23)? If not, any reason for it?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not aware of a change that would cause this behavior, but would recommend you open a support ticket to make your concerns known. If you can provide more details / screenshots of your configuration, I’d be happy to review and provide my recommendations.

Hi, @john.nicholson . Thanks for replying.

Here’s my Call Disconnect flow. I call external API for data posting.

But API is not called if the user hangs up in the middle of conversation. It worked well until last week but when I had a test this Monday, it was not working at all suddenly.


The Call Disconnect flow is configured like this:

Hi @justin.lyles we see that for new flows it working fine. For your experience flow we will respond on the ticket that you have created.