Button Template without SDK or Web client channel


(Shashwat Acharya) #1

Hi, I am building a demo bot to give presentation to my Manager to show the suitability of the platform for our company. I want the Chatbot to display the buttons and display the selected button option to the user. I read the posts on the community and came across the Quick Replies Button Template. I copy-pasted that Javascript into the node ‘Script’. I then tried to test it in the platform’s chat bot but the buttons are not getting displayed. There is no error when I checked in the debug. Cannot I do this without adding any web client channel? If yes then please tell me the way to do that.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

What channel would you expect the users to use for communicating with the bot?
The support for template depends on what the channel can offer as a interactive message by rendering on itself.