Building Bots - Basic trouble shooting steps


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  • Documents listing known errors (with troubleshooting or fixes, it could be done on our level)

All known errors like channel configurations, Publishing related information, WebSDK integration, User Context, Session Context, KG graph, SSO related issues has been posted in our community and below is the link to access the same.

Here is the UI of the community portal.

You can search for various topics in the highlighted area.

  • Bot Builder is not accessible for administrators
  • Bot not responding

The above scenarios occur when there is a problem with the network connection or when service is down. In these situations, you can check for services failures in the developer console.

Click on F12 and try to replicate the scenarios. You will be able to see the list of service calls that are failing while you are replicating the scenarios. Please refer to the highlighted areas in the below screenshot.

Since we don’t have any issue here we could see the 200 status code. If you are having any issues, you can see the API failure call in red color.

Please check the BLUE colored URL in the below screenshot.

If you see any empty log trace here, Please contact to for further assistance on these issues.

  • Responses Delayed
  • Bot freeze (conversation stops in the middle / no welcome message, etc)

In these situations, there are three things that we have to take into consideration.

  1. Whether the given utterance is hitting our platform or not?
  2. After hitting the platform, whether it is (Our Services) sending the utterance to the NLP engine properly or not?
  3. The NLP engine is processing the utterance properly or not?
  • Whether the given utterance is hitting our platform or not?

For this use case you can check if the message being sent to the platform or it is failing, using the developer console. Please have a look at the below screenshot for reference and check the highlighted area.

If you still have any issues, please reach out for further assistance.

  • For the 2nd and 3rd scenarios, we have to analyze our internal server logs to find out the root cause of the issue.
  • Data not visible in dashboards

This needs to be debugged based on the application logs. Please reach out to support for the same.

  • Issues with AWS and image hosting

If you have your own instance on your domain, then you will be able to access the complete logs. You will have direct access for all mentioned issues in the above email.

For cloud users, the logs needs to be analysed by Kore team.

  • Incorrect language detected by Bot

The generic way of debugging is to check the Language Settings of the bot, to check whether it is configured properly or not.

In cases where the language is detected incorrectly even after giving the correct language in setting, Kore team has to check the services and internal logging for analysis.

  • Issues with dialog tasks (not working properly despite of correct setup)

This is a specific case. As per the Service Level Agreement, we won’t work on bot configuration if they are built by the partners or our internal stakeholders. Our Professional Services team works on configuration if they build the bot or the specific bot is under the SOW.

  • Messages rendering (e.g. pictures not rendered, etc.)

Message rendering is based on the channels and type of libraries they are using. For these issues, we recommend you to go through the documentation of the both and the respective channel as well. When you are using different templates, please make sure which template is being supported by the respective channel.

For further queries on this, post us at and product related issues write us at

  • Issues with integration with other tools (e.g. with SNow)

Regarding the integration of third-party tools like ServiceNow and Salesforce, please check the authorizations provided by them and check the APIs and their responses in POSTMAN or REST CLIENT.