Bots dialog between universal bot and standar

I have a primary bot (Universal) that’s linked to three secondaries bots (E.g. one of them called Support). The primary bot could “transfer” the user with this secondary bot according to the actions that are taken during the dialog between the user and the primary bot.

For example: universalbot: Wellcome to XXX company, how can I help you?
a) Sales, b) Support, c) About us
ClientAnswer: Support
UniversalBot: Perfect, please stay on-line while I transfer you with our Support team.
SupportBot: Hi, I’m SupportBot. How may I help you today?
Client: I want to know the status of the case 12345

Hi @ismael.romero,

There will not be any concept of transferring the bots from universal bot to its children bots .

When child bot intent is given, which apparently should not conflict with other bot tasks, then automatically respective bot will be invoked