BotKit SDK - invalid jwt token

Hi team,

I have been just following this guide BotKit SDK Tutorial – Flight Search Sample Bot. I replicated each and every step, but I ended up with (invalid jwt token) error. Am i missing anything, please suggest ?

Attached all the screenshots

My App registration

ngrok instance

I have downloaded the sdk from git repo and updated the config.json and FindAFlight.js files.

There’s similar thread which doesn’t have solution.

As mentioned in this thread, I have sent you the Botkit code to with subject link Support needed on thread (#BotKit SDK - invalid jwt token) - Community folk.

I need your quick assistance on this to move further with my project.

I’ve done some quick debugging inside (./lib/app/middlewares/APIKeyMiddleware/index.js) and found header.token is expired when it reaches line#28 → jwt.decode(). If you see in second screenshot, it shows Payload Expired. Please do a fix.

Since this post created, there’s no reply from community. @koresupport

code screenshot

jwt decoder

OS : Windows

Please invite and share your bot with
You may have selected jti in the app for botkit. It will be verified. have been invited.
bot name: Flight Search

As informed to you over the support ticket you had created, the app client id, secret, bot name, everything was found different and when I configured the details on your own botkit that you shared, it worked fine.

So I would suspect that the app created may have had jwe or jti enabled and that could have been causing the authentication issue.

Thanks I will have a look once again, meanwhile what is jwe/jti and where to check that our app has jwe or jti enabled ? and how to disable it if enabled?