Botkit is giving 502 bad gateway for onUserMessage and onBotMessage

Hi All,

I want implemet agentTrasfer for my bot with LiveChat.
Step which followed.

  1. Created Livechat account and got creds
  2. Created bot on XO and added agent trasfer node
  3. Download and setup ngrok and excute the host
  4. Downloaded Botkit code and update required param… in same(ngrok -url, clientID,sceret,LiveChat License).
  5. Setup botkit into XO platform - Integration-> Botkit-> ngrok url
  6. In agent transfer enbled two event - OnAgentTrasfer and OnMessage
  7. At the end run Botkit code, Ngrok and Published bot.

As soon as i click on bot icon in XO I got error on ngrok cmd that onUserMessage/onBotMessage 502 bad gateway.

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