Bot responses is impacting from one system to another system , or from one browser to another browser

Hello everyone,
I am new to . I have created one simple bot and works fine in platform and when I try to deploy my own web sdk , conflict is happening

  1. Assume I have opened the deployed web sdk dev url in one site/one system and when I try to select anything from the bot in one site and same option is already selected in another site/another system
  2. whatever utterance I will give in the bot in one site , same utterance is reflected in another site of the bot

Kindly suggest me what is going wrong .
FYI: I have referred this site to create my own web sdk

I think you are passing the same value in kore-config.js for the Identity value. The fixed default of your email address is not helpful, as you will see the history and interactions of all users as Kore treats them as the same. For a quick hack, use a random number as the Identity value. Every instance will then have an empty history and be treated as unique.

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As pointed out by @paul.osborn in our web-SDK, the

botOptions.userIdentity = ''; 

is what matters. This may be a random number/string or a unique email id. If this is hard coded, you will see same session/ chat.

Thanks guys for your time and after changing email id to some random string will fix the issue.
Thanks a lot. :slightly_smiling_face: