Bot published in FB Workplace, No response from the Bot occurs repeatedly

Recently, We developed a FAQ bot with some dialog tasks that is integrated with the Facebook Workplace using a middleware server running on Node.js.

So the problem that we are facing is, Sometimes when a user asks questions like “Hi” or “Hey” or “Some FAQ” questions in Facebook workplace chat. The bot is not responding back instead it stays idle like sleeping. But after some minutes, If the user asks the same or different questions the bot will respond back with answers.

When I filtered (using User ID) and checked for the respective user conversation in the bot history in the Admin console the user message was successfully received by the bot and it didn’t respond back.

I’m adding an attachment that has the same issue. If you look through the last text in the attachment there will be questions asked(4 times) by the user as “Hi” and the bot didn’t respond back and stated as the user dropped off.

These issues are occurring repeatedly and they leave some bad experiences with our client. Is there anything you can do to overcome this issue?

Please see the attachments.

Praveen R.


Hi @praveen.r1,

We are checking this in the internal support ticket and we will update the solution once analyzed at our end.

Yoga Ramya