Bot processess responses intermittently

(Richard Mark) #1

I’m finding that the bot sometimes stops processing a particular utterance. This might even be immediately after correctly processing the EXACT same utterance.

Also, sometimes the bot processes a mixture of responses from different dialog boxes for the exact same utterance.

Is there something weird happening behind the scenes, or is this a bug?

Please see attached pictures.

bot%20gives%20ambiguous%20error%20but%20worked%20before bot%20stops%20processing%20but%20worked%20perfectly%20immediately%20beforehand bot%20gives%20ambiguous%20error%20but%20worked%20before bot%20will%20not%20alway%20process%20the%20same%20utterance

(Swagat) #2

Do you use botkit?
Do you see any relevant error in Analyze > Metrics > Debug Log section?
When you provide the utterance (when it does not respond) there could be an internet disconnect also. Do you see the debug log showing information but the bot not responding?

(Richard Mark) #3

I’m not using botkit. No errors in the Debug Log section.
I don’t think it was an internet problem because the debug log showed information, but the bot did not respond.

(Swagat) #4

It is difficult to tell unless there is access to your bot. By default even kore support will not have access to your bot because of privacy reasons.
None of our bots (and I would assume other customer/ user bots) have this much problem.
Would you give us some more detail like dialog configuration, transition details?