Bot doesn't seem to recognize specific FAQ patterns

I was adding and testing new FAQs to my bot, and it seems like the bot doesn’t really register that I am using the exact pattern set in the FAQ.

Hello @lucas.rosa1 :smiley:,

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We have tested the usecase and see that it works.

From the screenshot we see that none of the FAQ’s are detected. There are a few ossibilities for why this occurs.

  1. Training was not completed correctly upon adding the new FAQ.
    Try to train the bot again and test to see if it works.

  2. Under threshold settings for KG, the minimum level for KG has been adjusted.

    Reset the settings as above and test.

  3. If either of them don’t work, type cheat developer on command in the chat window and try to test again.

Let us know if this helps! Thank you for stopping by!!

Thank you for the help in advance!

I tried all three suggestions, but sadly none of them worked, I just get a “User intent not identified” warwning. It seems like the bot is either not considering the FAQs at all or the training is not adding them even though it says it was successfully trained.
Could it be some interaction between all the questions I have? I’m careful to not use similar patterns, and I’m sure there’s no other similar pattern to this specific one.

Hello @lucas.rosa1 ,

Is this a multi lingual bot? If yes, what other languages are available.

It’s not, the bot only uses Brazilian Portuguese.