Bot doesn't prompt for option when Multi item is True

(Neha Sheikh) #1

Hi @Subrahmanyam and @andy.heydon,

We are working with Multi item look up value with ‘Is Multi-Item’ set to True.

There are three response values like ‘Total’, ‘Total 1’, ‘Total 2’. When the user utter like ‘Total value’, the bot should prompt the response values to the user to choose from. Here the bot consider only the first value i.e. ‘Total’ and show the response to user.

Is this behavior is as expected? Please suggest if we can achieve this.

Neha Sheik

(Andy Heydon) #2

In general a multi item entity will extract values from consecutive words as long as they are separated by something that indicates a list such as comma, “and”, vertical bar.
It will not extract values that are randomly distributed through the utterance.

(Andy Heydon) #3

The multi-item flag is just a hint to the platform that it is allowed to look for and extract multiple items, not that there must be multiple items.

Therefore if there weren’t multiple items then it will not force a prompt on the user to enter more. That would be down to a bot developer to check on the number initially extracted and then explicitly ask for more if the user didn’t supply the number of items needed.