Bot conversation resuming in another page

Hello, we have deployed the bot in HTML page, we have an option if we click on it, we redirected to another page. In the second page we wanted to resume the bot conversation at same point where we left the bot conversation in the 1st page.

Note We have deployed the bot in both the web pages, but the conversation is not resuming from where we left it. It is starting from beginning.

Hello @bhoitekishori7 ,

If you are using the public Web SDK, then under UI >> Kore-config.js you will find the multi page app config:
Kore-config.js file

Enabling this will allow the bot state to be maintained if opened in multiple tabs/windows.

We are using web/mobile client channel, we are using web/mobile client HTML code to deploy it in HTML page. Not using Web SDK.

Hello @bhoitekishori7 ,

If that is the case, you can pass the updates values though script tags as shown below.


this logic is same if you want to update any other variables in Kore-config file. You can find the variables and their paths in our Git repo - WEB SDK

Also ensure the site in which the bot is introduced is whitelisted the the in the Bot Web channel config.

Let us know if this works.

Hello Sareema,
It is popping up the bot window, but it is not able to load the conversation in that window.

Above is the result of after clicking on view more option.

This is the screenshot of our bot

Hello @bhoitekishori7 ,

Depending on whether the user data is available in “localstorage” or “sessionStorage” you can change the UserIdentity and chatWindow state values.

Still it is not resuming the chat

Hello @bhoitekishori7 ,

Please change it to sessionStorage and test.

Still same. Not resuming chat.

Hello @bhoitekishori7 ,

One possibility for the issue is the user identity. If the user identity is anonyms and randomly generated, then once the user switches to a new tab, with new user identity the conversation will not be synced.

So verify the way in which “chatConfig.botOptions.userIdentity” is configured.
Another possibility is the loadHistory . If it is false, even if the user identity is unique then the previous conversation will not be loaded in the new tab.

Please validate both these values and test by changing the values for these.

Let us know if the issue still occurs.

@bhoitekishori7 Did the above solution work for you?

@sameera.tumuluri Facing same issue mentioned above. If i configure the above settings.Im getting blank chatbot page. Please lets us know any others steps we can follow?