Based on the values from previous fields, we have to dynamically provide data to be chosen for that specific field

I have a scenario of Appointment Booking. I have fields like Appointment City, Department, and Person ( Whose appointment is needed ). I will ask for Appointment City and Department fields before asking for Person.

Now I want to show the Dropdown of Persons to be selected based on Appointment City and Department chosen before.

How can I achieve this with Digital forms?

Hello @anandaditya1997 ,

To achieve the conditional usecase, you may use the Visibility rules in the forms.


You can find the outcome of this configuration in the shared recording here

However, if the dropdown values will have to change based on the value of one field, i.e, in the above example, if the city chosen is Hyderabad then the Departments shown should be different from those shown for Secunderabad, you can create multiple dropdowns with same display name and different name like below:

Let us know if this helps!!!

Hi Sameera,

Thanks for the solution. Your solution works for me.