Automate Testing Bot for test user utterances

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Hi @Subrahmanyam,

I have created my bot. It is now in published state.
Whenever I make changes to bot, I have to verify all my changes are working and I need to make sure that my previous bot functionality is intact.

For verifying that, I have maintained one test script (list of user utterances) which I run after bot is published after enhancements.

Is there any way I can automate it as my test script list is now getting extended as per new changes all the time?
What I need to achieve is

  • Run test script automatically
  • Keep results of each utterance in script in one file to look over the file for errors if any

Neha Sheikh

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

@nehamsheikh When you add NL training at the bot (ML or CS) and you were to test the intent and entity success, you could always run the batch testing on the utterances against the custom suite.

Developers are provided the ability to upload CSV/ JSON and create a custom suite to run the batch testing.

Please bare in mind that batch testing always runs against the latest copy of the tasks.

If you were to test the entire conversation flow, provides Conversation Testing Tool (python based utility) which validates the entire conversation in terms of request and response.

Developer needs to start recording the conversation and the export the conversation as JSON file (Testsuite). Further developer could use the Testsuite.json at the conversation testing utility to run as many times as needed and results will be created as spreadsheets under the TestResults folders.

Below is the link to download chatbot test runner from GitHub. We have listed the prerequisites for setup and instructions to run the utility.

Please let us know if you run into any further issues.

(Neha Sheikh) #3

Thanks for reply.
I have gone through the steps for setting up test runner. Will try them out.

Just a suggestion - you can also add one small video for the steps to follow for setup. It helps a lot. :slight_smile:

Neha Sheikh

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #4

Sure Neha. Our team is working on creating short videos to explain the functional setup and also to demonstrate the features of platform. We will add chatbot runner as well to the list and prioritise it. I will update you again once the video is publicly available.

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