API For Test & Train : NLP utterance recognition - training

(ashirvad jain) #1


is there any API to perform Test without GUI?

I have reviewed : https://developer.kore.ai/docs/bots/api-guide/ml-training-status-api/

But I am expecting something similar to Test & Train Option but with API wherein I can feed single or multiple utterance and receives its match type & score by each engine.

(Karthik Tadikonda) #2

Hi @ashirvad.s.jain,

You have to use ‘Find Intent API’ for utterance recognition

Refer to: https://developer.kore.ai/docs/bots/api-guide/find-intent-api/

(Ajay) #3

@ashirvad.s.jain There is a separate API to test intent recognition and you can even get NL, ML, and FM engine scores as a response to the API call.

Check out this link: https://developer.kore.ai/docs/bots/api-guide/find-intent-api/