API Extensions -> Manage Apps

How do i enable ‘Manage Apps’ button in API extensions in on-premise solution? any permission/role to be enabled? currently i have admin role assigned.

Hi @ngumudavelli,

Kindly check if you were given only Bot developer/Bot tester access for that specific bot.
You can find it in Admin console >> User management >> Users.

Please send us the screenshot for further reference.

Yoga Ramya

Dear @ngumudavelli,

By default, Admin Role should have access to the API Extension>Manage Apps.

In case, if you are a part of any Custom role you may want to check the configuration in User Management>Role Management from Admin Console.

If you have any other Admin Account handy who has access to Manage Apps, you may compare the permissions for changes to be made to your account.

We request you to follow our detailed documentation for Role Management that may help you configuring the permissions to access the desired features in the product.


Please let us know if this helps.

Thanks & regards,
Kore.ai Support