Ambiguous Bot message change

Whenever the bot is confused, it throws an Ambiguous response with the text
"Did you mean :

  • FAQ 1
  • FAQ 2 "

Here whenever the user types “No”, there is message that is shown which is from the default conversions -> Standard conversations.
Here I want to change the response that we have when the user types “No”.
As shown in the below screenshot, i would like to add a dialog task as the standard response, but choose a task or editing the current response does not open the existing tasks list.

Hi @akhil.solanathan-ext,

As mentioned in the ticket, Ideally, for the standard response >> “add response”, the provision to choose a dialog task and choose a node is given to specify that this particular response will be shown to the user only when this standard response gets triggered at that specific task and node.

This doesn’t trigger the dialog task.

Also, Standard responses are meant to inform specific information to the users and not take define the bot flow.
Hence, there is no option of triggering a dialog task for a standard response.

For event handlers and intent not found case (Default dialog), we have a provision to trigger a dialog.

Yoga Ramya