Agent Transfer issue

(Jobe Makar) #1

Hi - I’ve looked at similar posts and wasn’t able to resolve my issue. I’m following this tutorial:

As far as I can tell I’ve completed everything that is necessary. However, the agent transfer step does not result in a chat appearing in LiveChat. I’ve provided some log details below.

Note that I’m testing my bot right from the bot builder. I’ve tried both in in-development mode, and as published. But both from the bot builder page.

When attempting to transfer from the bot, I do see this appear in the ngrok terminal:
POST /sdk/bots/st-b986c323-2e81-5910-bb6d-2b93d26bfa37/components/dc-8457dbaa-ada3-5c2a-8374-624c268fd871/on_agent_transfer 200 OK

In the node.js terminal I see an ‘Unprocessable Entity’ error (response code 422) as well as an error that says ‘The bot is not accessible via Web/Mobile Client.’

Here is the full output of that agent transfer request as displayed in the node.js terminal:

Further message-sends from the bot after the above appear in the node.js terminal as such:

Thanks for assistance.

(Jobe Makar) #2

After doing further debugging I see that the ‘Unprocessable Entity’ response is actually coming from the LiveChat API. The example integration code provided no longer works because the APIs on the LiveChat side have evolved.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #3

Hi @jobe.makar, please refer to the below topic for more details

(Jobe Makar) #4

That ticket pretty much says the same thing that I did. And it also says that you guys will update the LiveChatAPI.js so that it works again. When are you doing this?

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #5

@jobe.makar, Yes, we will check on this with our development team and come back to you with an update.

@swagata.sengupta @srirama.yadlapalli

(Damaresh N) #6

@Subrahmanyam any update on this part? and can you guys add one more example of Agent Transfer for integrating with Salesforce Live chat.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #7

Hi @damaresh.n, We have did Agent transfer integration with Salesforce connect chat in the past for some of our customers but this requires our professional services effort.

The sample files js files at Botkit should actually guide the developers in terms on achieving agent transfer to any agent software which exposes web services.