Agent Transfer from XO platform to SmartAssist

I have a scenario to connect my standard bot to live agent when a bot doesn’t have answer. I found that in SmartAssist there is possibility of doing live agent transfer. We have experienced it. But I need to know how to connect my XO platform bot to SmartAssit bot when user clicks Livechat button in XO UI platform. If user clicks then the SmartAssist process need to start. How can we achieve that?

Hello @vithyabarathi3519 ,

You can achieve your use case through the Agent Transfer node available in the XO platform.

Please ensure that you’ve registered an account with the SmartAssist application, using the same credentials employed for your XO platform account.

Additionally, you will need to import your XO bot into the SmartAssist application. Navigate to the Automation screen in the SmartAssist application and import the bot by selecting the “Attach a bot from library” button.

Now, within the XO platform, generate a task tailored to your specific use-case. For instance, you can create a flow using the Web/Mobile Client “button template” and incorporate the Agent Transfer node into one of the conditional branches, as shown in the provided screenshot below.

Publish the bot in XO.

Now go back to SmartAssist Configuration screen and create a flow using the “New Flow” button.

Add a run automation node and choose the imported bot from SmartAssist and select the relevant use case.


Publish the experience flow in SmartAssist.

You can now initiate the chat conversation using the Web/Mobile Client Channel from the Channel Screen in SmartAssist.

You may visit the documentation to understand the SmartAssist functionality and its features : SmartAssist – Customer Service Solution

Hope this helps.

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