Agent Transfer - cannot send message from livechat to kore

(Anthony Ralf Briones) #1

Good day everyone,

I am working with agent transfer of and encountered some bug.

I successfully established a connection between bot and livechat but after a couple of minutes, while sending message to test both and livechat, bot didn’t received the messages I sent from livechat but livechat can still received messages from bot. And there’s no error showing either.


Have anyone encounter the same scenario? Please help. Thanks.

(Ajay) #2

Hi @anthony.briones

We see that the problem can only be seen when the chat is left unattended at Livechat agent. This is happening due to the session timeout at the platform.

The function sdk.extendRequestId can be used at bot kit to extend the session from the platform.

Here is the documentation link for the same:

We will continue working with you offline regarding the example for extending the session.