Admin API - why the /user API return "User does not belongs to this account"

Hi Team,

I have several question and hope to get your help.

1.we are using Admin API to grant access to user. and I want to know why the response of “User does not belongs to this account” will be return for a certain account?

2.I also want to know, is the orgUserId are case sensitive? for example:
orgUserId uppercase “TEST123” bound with;
orgUserId lowercase “test123” bound with;
Because currently we have found that the same ID with different capitalization can be bound to different email addresses, I want to know how the SSO login will be impacted? user register with email “” and orgUserId “test123”;
and then user changed her name, then the email address changed accordingly.
at this situation, this user need to register with new email “” and old orgUserId “test123”, new registration will success except orgUserId coz the old orgUserId is bound to the old email “”, how we deal with this situation? as I know the orgUserId will not be untied if the user is deleted from kore admin platform.

Many thanks!

Hello Ellie,

Thank you for reaching out to Support.
Could you please confirm which API are you referring to ?
below are the list of Admin API’s available from

If possible please share the curl used here.

Thank you,
Srujan Madderla Community Team