Add text field using message formatting

As seen in this page, I want to add a text field option in a quick response template. So a user can make a selection, or add their response in a free text form.

I’m referring to this (Message Formatting and Templates - Documentation) website as reference.

Hello @rwhite ,

Kindly confirm if there is any issue when using the QuickReply template. From our testing, it is working as expected.

For your confirmation, user is able to use free form text input regardless of the template (which have options).

I actually found a quick fix to this using entity types. I do have a question about that… If I use enumerated list as the type, and select static list as the list option.

Is there a way to connect the user input as a means to connect to a node? For instance: A user is prompted to select one option from a bot using the entity type. Based on the selection of the user, they will be taken to a certain node within the chat flow.

Hello @rwhite ,

You can set up transitions to nodes from an entity node as per you requirement. For example: With the entity type enumerated list if the values are as below,

You can add the connections based on the entity value by clicking on the +Add If option.

In my example I have set it up as below:

For more details on transitions, check our our documentation on Connections & Transitions

Hi Sameera,

Thanks again for the quick response. I’m still having trouble with this, and I think the issue is my displaying the list responses as a multiple choice, see image:

If you look at this image of the connections, you can see I have connections setup the same as yourself, but I get an error response from the bot.

Hello @rwhite ,

Please ensure the value and synonyms for the static options are set correctly and the postback in the message template includes the values. I am sorry I missed sharing that info earlier. Example in my case is as below:

var message={
     "text":"Pick a color:",

In your case, payload should be what you want to condition in the connections. If the issue is still not sorted, share the bot with or you can send the bot export to this mail.

That worked! Thanks for the help!