Active directory connector with cloud

Trying to develop a chatbot for : Account unlock and Password reset. But don’t have Active directory API available at client side. Any experience or documentation for connector would be appreciated.

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In the mentioned usecase, if Password reset and Account Unlock need to be done automatically without human intervention, then an API is must.

If however, it is alright to require a person / agent to make these changes, then we can create a bot such that it send the request for these tasks to the relevant teams either through mail, or to any messaging channels.

The dialog can flow like below:

User askes the bot : My account is locked , please help me unlock.
Bot says: I can help you raise a request to unlock the account with the IT team. Would you like to proceed?
User says: Yes please
Bot says: We have sent the request to our IT support team. Our agent will get back to you in x hours with the progress/ new password.

Hope this helps!! Thank you for stopping by!!