About usage of channel webhook

Hi team,

there is a request which outer web API connect our bot via url,
I create a webhook channel according to below document,
and create a dialog task,contain a entity response three button.

when test through postman,
I can get response about button template,
but set “payload” or “title” content in request body: “message”:{“text”:“Button3”},
will return {“text”:“i an unable to find any answer.please try something else…”}

I dont know How do I respond to different templates, is there any detailed document i could reference?

As a response only send what you have configured as payload of the entity.
Say you have a list of value enum entity. Send only the display value (or any of mapped synonyms provided there is no ambiguity).
In case you are using button template in the entity you would have some title and a payload. Send only the payload as webhook response.
Hope this helps.

Hi sengupta,
thank you for you help,
question have been solved.
the value of session, I forgot change it to false at same conversasion.

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Good point. Session true may also cause undesired behavior.

"session" :{            
        	"new" : true