Webhook Guide For Access an API


We are trying to connect Kore.AI with Automation Anywhere, we already make the architecture of how it will work.

We are going to create some entitie nodes and then with a service node we will make a POST to an API where the Bot in Automation Anywhere will launch when it finds that new POST.

We already make a test, and it works, but the issue is that in that POST the Automation Anywhere returns a message to the service node, but the Kore.ai crash because the execution of the bot with automation anywhere delays a little bit.

So we are wondering how we can do that Kore.ai can wait a little bit in a sevice node so it can catch that POST message that the API returns.

We know that is with some webhook config, but the info that is in kores docs is very short and the discussions are very general. It would be great if Kore could add guides more descriptive for people who doesn’t know how to code.

How can we config a .js file in sdk so the node could wait some time, for wait a message.


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