Remove IDP profiles programatically / using scripts

Is there a way to delete idp profiles using scripts, just like ‘manage profile’ but we would like to do it programatically every time the user logs out of our app.



We have checked this with our team.
Currently, there are no API’s also to retrieve/delete the IDP profiles and there is no provision through script also.

Let us know if you need any further information.

Yoga Ramya

Thanks @yogaramya.mendu

Is this something that Kore is implementing in the future?

Here is our scenario:
We are using the authentication from a third party service as the login of our app. When user opens the mobile app, it connects to Kore and send an initial “Login” message for the user to login.

Since we are using this as the login of our app, we need to show the login of the third party service everytime the user opens the app. But by doing this, we need something to invalidate the token, or logout the user to the third party service, but invalidation of token / logout is not available on the third party service.

Hi @pastapareo,

We will communicate this to our engineering team.

However, as per the engineering feasibility, this will be taken up at platform level.

Yoga Ramya