How to use context session in Welcome Message


(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #21

Yes, use the on connect event instead of welcome event.

The rest of the configuration should mostly be the same.

(Siva L) #22

Thanks a lot @Subrahmanyam its working.

(Siva L) #23

hi @Subrahmanyam how can i change the bot icon and color in websdk. i am useing latest version of

(Siva L) #24

Hello @Subrahmanyam kindly solve the above problem.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #25

Hi @rajinisiva93, You could change the bot icon from the bot settings as shown in the below snip.

If you need to change other configurations like color etc of the chat window, you will need to modify the supporting CSS files of webSDK.

Also, could you please raise your queries as different topics? If you raise questions in unrelated topics, they might deviate and confuse other developers from the main thread.