How to add filler audio while making update API calls till the API call either timeouts or returns.

Summary of the use case:

1, Bot flow collects all details ( ID etc) to invoke an API to do transaction update such as Payments, Address update etc,
2, when the API is called, want the BOT to play a filler sound till API returns value or times out. This is to provide an user experience with some action music (such as key strokes) while API is executed… Ideal scenario, the filler music is short and API return value… in case of API time out, caller will hear filler music vs silent on the call.
3, Upon API timeout or value return, the flow should continue the path based on the API response and filler music should be played dynamically based on the duration of API call and not the full audio

Please advise how this can be achieved in 10.x platform.