Can Bot Show Multiple Questions if we have similar terms in our Questions and Answers?

Hi @Subrahmanyam

Say I have 2 questions like

  1. Why are the price different in stores vs online?
  2. Why is there price different between Walmart stores?

In these two questions the common words are price difference say if i type price difference Can the bot reply back these two questions in Did you mean ? If it is possible Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance
Rahul Siripurapu.

Please check if the below configuration could help build the Knowledge Graph. Here, I have created 2 terms under the root node, Price (1st level ) and Difference (2nd level) under which I have added the same questions.

Upon the user utterance , "Why is the price different ? " or “Why is there a price difference?” both the questions are considered and presented as suggestions.


As mentioned in my previous posts, a path will be qualified based on the number of terms present in the utterance and then FAQs under the path will be looked up for presenting the response.

Please refer to below topic for more details: