Ability to introduce delays if bot has many messages to send to customer?

The way it is done is to call a web-service which responds in x seconds. You can chain these service calls after or before message nodes.

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Please refer the following community post for further details:

Yoga Ramya

If the developer configured botkit at the bot and the botkit is to subscribed to the event “on message”, the delay can induced from the bot kit itself using a timeout function based on the on_bot_message while sending the message to the platform using sdk.sendUserMessage.

Could you please give any sample code of the botkit to add delay using on_bot_message?

@sharvari4810c, I believe you could use the setTimeout function to achieve this.
Is there any particular use case you have in mind to induce delay at each message?
If you were to induce delay only between consecutive message node, why not use a service node instead as we explained in the previous replies?

@ajay.putti @yogaramya.mendu FYI