R&R : eliminationInfo - verbMatchOnly

My input utterance is scoring 100 but the Ranking and Resolver is discarding it stating verbMatchOnly. I am not sure why its getting discarded. Below is the snap from the debug log

“ml”: {
“definitive”: [
“task”: “get coverage status”,
“state”: “configured”,
“score”: 100,
“scoringCriteria”: “Fuzzy Search score”,
“matchType”: “definite”
“namedEntityRecognition”: []

R&R eliminates it with below reason

“eliminationInfo”: {
“reason”: “verbMatchOnly”

Let us know the below details -

  1. Utterance
  2. The task ML training
  3. ML Threshold settings
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Discarding a ML matched intent because of “verbOnlyMatch” means that the only thing from the ML training that the platform found matching the utterance was a verb, and verb only matches are not a great match.

You don’t mention what the utterance was or the training samples, but if the only utterance word that overlapped was, for example, “get”, then that is not a strong indicator - many intents could be include the word “get”.

The general solution would be to add more ML training to cover more words from the utterance, “get what